Was Spock more Lover than Logical?

We've heard it through the classic Star Trek series as well as the spin-offs that came afterwards: Logical this, logical that. Our pointed-ear friend had something to say on just about everything. The crew put up with him despite his arrogance and snide remarks. But this lovable Vulcan still held his grip on everyone.

Every Star Trek crew has its social miscreant. These people don't fit in but display honourable traits we have grown to love. Spock was the first of his kind. His logic often made him the butt of jokes, but even the Enterprise crew could see more in him than that. He displayed a genuine concern for the people around him.

In Star Trek V, Spock felt insulted when Kirk claimed that everyone has human qualities. We all have feelings about one another, he says, we all care. It is interesting because Kirk's message was what Earthlings tried to teach Spock in the original Star Trek era. Spock saw it as illogical, but, in reality, it was logic based on a different value system.

Spock strove to purge himself of emotions with the hopes of becoming like a sentient computer. We can't blame him since his intellectual prowess made this goal entirely possible. To Spock, his human side was probably just a stumbling block to this aim. Humans around him represented what scared him the most. Throughout the series, we hear nothing from Spock than disappointment over his human counterpart's inability to think logically.

Examples of Spock's So-Called Logic

Spock's logic looked linear and squeeky clean by Vulcan standards, but something else - something human - kept cropping up. These statements weren't derived from scientific theory or words of wisdom from the Vulcan High Command. The source was entirely different.

For example: It is illogical to hunt a species to extinction. A statement made much later, this Spock from Star Trek V was speaking from the heart. Science has no way proved that hunted a species to extinction is a bad thing. Although it is important to maintain biodiversity, species go extinct all the time. What's Spock is emoting here is love.

Another example:  Merely my quite logical relief that Starfleet had not lost a highly proficient captain. It is a good point. The Federation wouldn't be the same without Kirk. Take him out of the picture and the timeline radically shifts. But we all know that Spock cared so much for Kirk that it emboldened him to take risks to save him. It is logical, if you base it on love.

Listen to Spock's words of logical wisdom. Sometimes it's based on scientific fact, but sometimes it's based on him caring for someone. He may not want to admit it, but the logic of love has less to do with being scientific than for a reverence of life.

In Summary, This Loving, Caring but Intelligent Man...

Spock claimed to devote himself to total logic, yet went out of his way to serve with human beings. Something deeper inside of him felt that humans had something to offer. Once he got there, he felt - if we can say so - somewhat bewildered. This human side seemed silly, and wrought with illogical thinking. He didn't like it and didn't mind say so aloud.

But, over time, something settled on him. This illogical thinking actually made sense. Logic, after all, is only as good as its first premise. While serving aboard Enterprise, he learned something new. What Kirk would eventually say about everyone being human would later make sense to Spock on a deeper level. Logic and love were both sides of the same coin. Our feelings matter - we matter to each other too. No one every needed a cold, calculated reason to care, it was simply a part of our humanity, our soul. Spock found real purpose in his logic and therefore, it made him more human and Vulcan at the same time.

His character found himself. That's why we loved him so much. We knew he had it in him, but it was fun to wait for him to figure it out.

And that's also why so many of fans loved Leonard Nimoy. He bore the burden of the Spock character to show us that logic without love isn't worth pursuing. Without a purpose, it is just an empty phaser bank.