Kolchak Cameo in Justice League Unlimited (2004)

Kolchak: The Night Stalker was a 70's TV show about a reporter who solved paranormal mysteries in the big city. It didn't do well for ratings and got cancelled. Decades later, Chris Carter, the creator of the hit show X-Files, claimed that Kolchak  inspired his Mulder character, as the lone hero in search of the paranormal. Ten years afterward, a Saturday morning cartoon called Justice League Unlimited aired Fearful Symmetry. In it, a character bearing an uncanny resemblance to Kolchak makes a cameo appearance. He doesn't play a big role in the story, in fact, he shows up for a total about five seconds, at the most. It is a tongue and cheek moment most geeks wouldn't want to miss. Kolchak leaves his mark, once again.

Justice League's Fearful Symmetry portrays a tortured Supergirl having a bad dream about killing innocent people. She enlists the help of superheroes The Question and Green Arrow of which The Question, being the conspiracy theorist who digs Big Foot, Loch Ness and aliens - all of which are real to him - that inspires the show.

Green Arrow, The Question and Supergirl take an Easter egg hunt in search for clues provided from Supergirl's dreams. Before they're close to solving it, the Question takes a detour to what shall be referred to as the "Kolchak scene".

Some reporter at a bar downtown has info for the Question. So The Question waits for him outside with baited breath. Cut to scene in the bar where the reporter leaves to meet someone outside until an excited colleague stops him short to compliment his work. This guy wears a white hat, unbutton shirt and loose dark tie. Kolchak. Thirty years later, on a Saturday morning cartoon in a conspiracy story because Kolchak inspired another TV show called The X-Files, which made the topic, uber-popular.

The moment is pure gold. Familiar chuckles ensue. The show wraps up, the world is safe again. The heroes prevail, especially one unsung hero called Kolchak, always there in spirit. Miss you, Kolchak.

In case you're wondering about the title, it's from a famous English poem, The Tyger written by William Blake. Even the X-Files named one of their episodes after the poem.

The evidence speaks for itself!

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