Admiring Star Trek's Tholian Web Written by Judy Burns and Chet Richard

The Enterprise finds the U.S.S. Defiant, adrift like a ghost ship trapped between two dimensions. The crew beam over in their most awesome, colourful spacewalking outfits; the kind with the bright, colourful hard wiring that makes the crew look like big Tonka toys. Then, it happens. One crazy thing after another. Kirk gets lost. The crew goes crazy. The Tholians demand Enterprise leave, safe for starting an interstellar war. McCoy hates Spock for taking over. And holy cow, Spock looks calm but is probably screaming inside. Jesus, I love episode so much!!

Okay. As someone who likes writing, time to give kudos to writers in question: Judy Burns and Chet Richard. Thank you for writing this little tale with one ticking time bomb after another in which we see just what an interplanetary crew can do under extreme pressure. Not to mention what it's like being a Captain where any mission could you leave you stranded in another dimension. Lights out and candles for all the Caps that didn't make it tho. 

At the end of this blog, I will recommend a meme. Please use it. 'Nuff said.

Did I ever say how much I hate the new graphics? I mean. What? Why? I liked the retro, vintage early Sunday CBC morning look from my childhood. Period. Those amateurish-like graphics spelt C-O-U-R-A-G-E with all caps, obviously. I love stories and those who make them. Hats off to the special effects crew that they just got rid of.

The Tholians look really mean, don't they?? I mean, they don't look very friendly. Are they wearing a mask? Do they breathe air? Why so cranky? Did they have bad luck with previous visitors? Then Spock says he's on a rescue mission when the ship he's rescuing isn't even there. That's got to make it a little more unnerving for everyone. Kirk doesn't show up to his rendezvous-like point, because Tholian interference ruined his equations. Jesus. Wow. Can we make this show even more complicated.

Have you ever wanted to see McCoy rip into Spock, who then just takes it like a hot toaster while seething inside like a hangry Klingon looking for sweet, hot revenge? Now that I think about it. Did the Next Generation crew argue like this? The kind where someone says, "I hate you and yes we're having office politics in this 5 year mission whether you like it or not?" Then gets all chummy after the final orders from Kirk are given. By the way, the final order shows how Kirk is the combo-package for McCoy and Spock: Logical, but intuitive too, like any born leader. (Hehe: Galileo Seven Spock!)

Chekov is the first to go down, then the rest of the crew starts to become ill until they start seeing visions of Kirk. So, my next big thing: This episode is a ghost story! A ghost ship adrift in outer space, a missing Captain that appears like a ghost and everyone going crazy all around. Can you see why I admire this episode so much?

Sheer delight. Okay, so here's the meme. After Spock fires phasers at the Tholian ship which causes this ailing ship to bring on another one that creates this really cool web of energy that captivates the Enterprise. Of course, if it finishes it's job, then the crew is done for. Another ticking time bomb. Wow Judy and Chet. Just wow! Okay, so here's the meme.

Tholian Web: A slang term for being caught in a trap of one's own doing. Example. I just got caught in my Tholian Web. Nevermind. Sorry. Bleugh.

A Ghost Ship

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