Summer 2016
Canada Day and Canadian Summers

Welcome, July. Welcome to a rather hot, Ottawa summer which is preferable to cold, January, wintry days. Welcome also to Canada Day, the day in which we celebrate this thing called Canada, a "post-nationalist" state which our beloved Prime Minister Trudeau called it, who knows what that means.

Story Arcs could spend the rest of the month reviewing Canadian material or what we call, "Canadian Content", but readings are already under way in novels, non
-fiction and comic books set out from previous months. Perhaps some Canadian material could find its way on the blog at some point.

Story Arcs pageviews are strong and steady as ever, with a modest 500 pageviews per month from all over the world with Canada and the United States being the top two. The Story Arcs Facebook Page got a real boost with Robert J. Sawyer's induction into the Order of Canada. The post did extremely well, (popular guy!), so it got boosted with modest funds for a whomping 700 reaches online. Story Arcs is happy to welcome new Likes to its page. Perhaps more will come in the future.

New categories have been added to the sidebar widget. More are forthcoming. Graphic design being simple for now, it will have to do. Blog posts are forthcoming as well. So stay tuned. Write comments respectively and they're surely get published with a grateful reply.

Enjoy your summer of stories if you're in the Western hemisphere or elsewhere in the world. Stories are universal, so all is welcomed at Story Arcs. And Happy Canada Day!

Michael Falcone
Story Arcs Blogger
July 2016


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