Autumn 2016
Cool Breezes and Good Books Galore

Summer reading is over. Autumn approaches. Orangey-red hues herald the new season in Ottawa, Canada's capital, a.k.a. "bustling government town", with public servants and writers piercing through the colder, fresher, breezey air from the Arctic. Talk of 400 ppm CO2 emissions flood the video streams here too and predicts a kinder, gentler winter, but not just for humans, but for bugs too, that threaten harsher summers with unusual outbreaks oft associated with Global Warming. Talking about warming, has anyone ever had their e-reader meltdown? In the midst of night, a strong, quick flashing light signaled an automatic update as light corpuscles streamed all over my face, prompting me to shut the e-reader, only to find, later in the morn, that the thing froze over on the updating screen, only two squares away. No manual factory reset could help. Kobo chat offered no help or refund. A $200 meltdown, period. Apart from sad e-reader stories, happier excursions into graphic novel reading led to a stronger, smarter critical description of the art form. Graphic novel blogs will be more precise and honourable to the artist's tireless work. For fun, Roger Corman's Attack of the Killer Crab Monsters prompted a blog about pacing and it's role in low budget films. More mayhem awaits with John Layman and Rob Guillory's Chew, a fanciful comic book drama about a man who gets premonitions from what we eat - food - except for radishes, they don't give him hints about anything. Aside from comic books, a documentary on public domain works inspires another blog called, What if Star Wars Went Public Domain? Imagine what would happen if George Lucas went public domain with Star Wars rather than to the "white slave traders" Walt Disney Corp. that gave him billions for the venture. This major investments will hurt us all in the end, the quality of art will suffer. But, Scooby-Doo, thankfully, won't run for President, because Scooby will be commanding the Enterprise. If you haven't already, joined the Story Arcs revolution on Twitter and Facebook, which brings attention to the final item. A contest. A Story Arcs contests that enlists new followers on the blog may be in the works. Feel free to join this blog and I will enter - should the contest go forth. Autumn is here! O Canada! Cool, breezy photo is forthcoming too!


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Ever feel befuddled by a movie's ending? Or TV show? Find 2001: A Space Odyssey explained, as well as Interstellar and Birdman.

Finding theme can be hassle - if you bother looking for one! But when you do, it's glorious! Take a look at J. Michael Stracyznski's Spider-man epic as well as Terry Gilliam's The Zero Theorem for some quick answers.

Exposition is everywhere! Think of it as extraneous matter screenwriter's must prevent from seeping into the story. Terminator: Salvation was a great film except for the first scene where the main character was introduced in a rather clumsy, pretentious way.

Fairy Tales and Ancient Stories abound! Get your new take on these great stories and what they could mean to you. You may never read Grimm's The Golden Apples and Aesop's The Tortoise and the Hare the same again. Gilgamesh and the Bible are no exceptions! Learn why Noah's Ark is still a great hit today (hint: It's not special effects!).

Character discoveries allude to never before theories as to why our favourite heroes and villains do what they do when they do it. (ie. H.A.L. 9000 didn't really go crazy!)

Everything else of interest or inquiry to Michael Falcone such as personal encounters, scientific discoveries and odds and ends from the storyworld!