Winter 2017 - Snow, more snow and some stories to tell.

Wintry Canadian day
Winter is here. Winter in Ottawa means a lot of snow, hip deeps of it, to be honest. The fluffy things just won't stop falling. Many Canadians, when we're not playing hip deep in it, retreat to our private studies to study whatever it is we study. I, for one, study stories. Also: writing, and creativity. Lately, I've been an avid studier of dreams and the unconscious mind, using a book called Dreams 1-2-3 by J.M. DeBord.

When I am not dreaming, I spend much time reading over last blogs, trying to upgrade the writing and focus on what I recently learned, namely, that our brains are prehistoric in nature and format all of life through storytelling. Called The Story Influence Theory, by Kendall Haven, this theory suggests that we alter what we see in reality to fit a storyline of our choosing. As a result, Donald Trump gets elected, Russia's Putin gets hated and everyone recycles everything, all because we get stories that say one thing over another. In other words, we're fed and feed stories to each other, and in the process, miss out on some key knowledge that may or may not make a difference.

That storytelling could be at the heart of understanding myself and the world is somewhat groundbreaking, but I don't mind ground breaks, because orderliness can be monotonous. As I explore dreams and storytelling theory, perhaps some intriguing thoughts may visit these pages, if not, then carry on and read, view and listen to your delight. The world is ours for now - ours as in all of us in the world, not just a small few or past civilizations with glowing success - so enjoy your winter wherever you are and summer if you're in the Down Under.


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