What is Story Arcs?

Story Arcs Blog - A Cool Place To Learn about Stories is an online learning journal written by Mike, someone who loves stories, thinks about them a lot and wants to share them with you. Here's how he thinks about it:

The universe is a huge place that's beyond our imagination. It's a wonderful place. As human beings, we're a part of that universe too. Hence, the journey begins with you and me, the human animal. To be exact, we're called Homo Sapiens Sapiens, we defeated the Neanderthals in Europe and every other species of hominids to rise about the rise. Now, called the Anthropocene Age. Somewhere in all of this, we grew bigger brains that gave us something called "enhanced working memory" which allowed us to develop imagination too. From there, we told stories about what we remembered and then others that we made up. Oral storytelling develops later to become written down in the form of clay tablets in a civilization called Sumeria, the first written story being The Epic Of Gilgamesh.

Religion takes form from centuries of fairy tales and uses them to tell a different kind of story, a spiritual one, speaking of yet another universe within us. Wars are fought. Famine and pestilence pass. Civilization extends itself around the world. Writing moves from religious and mythological storytelling to longer sets of prose and poems. Plays are produced along with songs. Storytelling becomes a part of human life, a part of the brain that cannot be denied. Literary movements form with each passing generation. Europe comes alive after the fall of the Roman Empire. Literary movements rise within respective countries. The Gutenberg Press transforms the dessimenation of storytelling. Novels form. Shorts stories in America.

America is born. Books, comic books followed by films and TV spread stories even further. The rest of the world follows, but the Americans lead the pack. Stories are commodified, then studied by D.A.R.P.A. for propaganda purposes. The Internet is born. Storytelling takes another vast leap as videos proliferate online. E-books make their appearance. Storytelling is studied further by science as they try to find the part of the brain responsible for making up stories. Bloggers spread on the Internet, including this one, called Story Arcs - A Cool Place to Learn about Stories

Taking a multi-disciplinary approach, I observes trends in science, faith, art and politics to uncover the power of story and how it can unravel humanity in a confusing world filled with love and hate or animosity towards the unknown instead of honest wonder. What we know about story and how it works on us depends upon the questions we're willing to ask. Doors will open beyond sociopolitical realms into the mysterious then back again home. Story will bring us together or drive us apart and make us do what we've never dreamed possible, for good or bad.

Enjoy the blog. Please keep in mind this writing is unedited work intended for the exchange of ideas. I hold the copyright to everything, so please email me if you want to use anything. Michael at storyarcsblog@gmail.com.


A Cool Place to Learn about Stories