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Michael Falcone is a Canadian writer and creativity coach who thinks a lot, reads a lot and writes a lot. He especially enjoys reading about the humanities, spirituality and pop culture. He can often be seen frequenting university lectures open to the public or spending hours in local coffee shops, his most favourite being the ones downtown, where all kinds of people come together, rich or poor. He blogs a lot, mostly on this one, his Story Arcs - A Cool Place to Learn about Stories.

Freelance corporate writing services supports his inquisitive, creative lifestyle. When he isn't writing, Mike works as a creativity coach for exclusive clients. He picked up his love for coaching at a local college where he worked as an academic coach for almost eight years. He fortified this experience with an online Performance Coaching programs as well as two creativity coaching courses mentored by Eric Maisel, Creativity Coach.

Mike enjoys taking what he’s learned and channeling it in the form of blogs, short fiction, articles and the visual arts. He has explored several online sites such as Pond5, Fiverr, Leapforce and UserTesting. He has explored Adobe products such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro. He has worked extensively with various platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Twitter and Facebook.

Please feel free to contact Mike at storyarcsblog@gmail.com.com or add him on Facebook.