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Animation Films: Bang Bang You're Bread (2008)

Country Crust White Bread finds himself on the extinction list as Dr. Atkinz's low carb revolution takes the world by storm.

Bang, Bang You're Bread (2008) is a short, hilarious 3-D animated mockumentary that follows the plight of Country Crust Bread – a lovable, but terribly insecure loaf of bread wrapped up in green plastic and psychotic rage towards the father of the low carb revolution, Dr. Atkinz.

Written, directed and animated by Australian animator Mitchell Wade Bang Bang You’re Bread pokes fun at the low carb/high protein diet craze that swept North America. Several eccentric food items, two proteins (Bacon and Patty) and two simple carbs (Sucky Sucker and Fairy Bread), give interviews in a local supermarket on the subject of Country Crust Bread’s demise.

Blur Studio's A Gentleman's Duel (2006)

A gentleman's lust for life is never to be questioned unless, of course, it entails dueling in Goliath-sized mechanical jumpsuits in a quest to win the Lady's boobies. An afternoon tea party at the Lady’s Manor quickly degrades into a wrestling match between two competing aristocrats both outfitted with steam driven gargantuan-sized fully loaded armoured mecha-suits. As they tear up the Lady’s courtyard (in an effort to win her “boobies”) a most hilarious, maniacal CGI short that crosses British/French know-how with Saturday afternoon wrestling becomes an all-time animation favourite.

Invasion of the Space Lobsters (2005)

Invasion of the Space Lobsters begins with your typical Canadian family enjoying a sunny, suburban afternoon. Dad is having trouble assembling the new barbecue and Mom is yelling for pizza instead of hot dogs. What ends up being served, however, is an gigantic side dish of alien lobsters looking to make contact with their human friends from across the galaxy.

Canadian Animated Films: Strange Invaders (2001)

Beautiful animation short with rich colours, quirky characters and hilarious story about the trials and tribulations that come with adopting "strange invaders".

Strange Invaders opens with a beautiful rendition of Lakmé’s, “Flower Duet” amidst the deep rich colours of a dark blue night sky populated with bright, golden stars. While travelling through outer space, we finally descend onto a small Canadian town overflowing with little babies from home to home. Roger, in his home, uses his telescope to spy on these little critters and wonders where such beautiful little babies come from.

Canadian Animation - Imprints by Jacques Drouin

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) offers many Canadian streaming movies online such as the works of pinscreen animator Jacques Drouin. Jacques Drouin's revisits the spiritual landscape of his artistic mind through Imprints, his latest short animated film produced in 2004. This short is reminiscent of his earlier work, Mindscape, which also explored the relationship between the artist and his beloved medium, the pinscreen animation.

Canadian Animation - Mindscape by Jacques Drouin

Enter the world of the National Film Board of Canada; a world where pinscreen artist Jacques Drouin explores the meaning of truth in beauty.

A moment passes. The artist stands transfixed on the images he has laid on the canvas; images that now beckon him to journey into a world of deeper meaning and mysticism. The artist meditates on the mystery for but a brief moment before courageously stepping into the canvas - the netherworld of his mind.

The Great Toy Robbery Synopsis

The greatest shootout in the history of the great Wild West can be found in Jeff Hale's The Great Toy Robbery.This animation short recounts one of the many untold stories of how Santa Claus - with the help of some law-abiding friends - saves Christmas from a trio of greedy, trigger-happy bandits .

The Beginning, Middle and End of "The Great Toy Robbery"

Riding through the desert one fine evening, Jolly ol' Saint Nick (along with his single, but loyal reindeer), is accosted by three bandits hiding behind a large boulder. What do they want? What else, but Santa's goodies!


What can a little egg tell us about good storytelling?

In 1979, the National Film Board of Canada featured a short animation film called “The Egg”. The Egg was over a minute long and made a big impression on its viewers for its social message. The film is also a good example of how conflict can drive a story forward.

"The Party" {Spider-Man: The New Animated Series (2003)}

Max Kline, an abused college outcast, decides to go on a campus killing spree after acquiring the ability to re-direct vast streams of electrical currents.

What makes The Party interesting to watch?

The Party successfully develops sympathy for Max Kline as we witness his abuse and torture at the hands of his bullies. The intensity and duration of this abuse effectively communicates – and justifies - Max Kline's intense feelings of rage and hatred.

Batman and Superman Hour - "Long John Joker" (1968)

Did you know that a flag turned upside down on a boat is the international signal for distress? Well, you do now, and you could also learn a lot more about storytelling by watching Batman and his "chump" Robin, fly into action against one of Gotham's most dangerous foes!

Story Synopsis: Long John Joker is a story about the Joker who finds a treasure map left behind by a gangster called "Big Arnie". The Jokers gets his henchman to dig along Gotham harbour for a "pirate's treasure" until the dynamic duo - and friend - put the kaibosh on the operation.