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Scooby-Doo on the Next Star Trek Show?

Who Can't Love
this Guy?
Ever since Disney Corporation took over Star Wars and Star Trek, we've stood at the precipice of a mega-corp take over on a planetary scale. To be honest, it's a harsh reality, but something most geeks are happy to endure as reboots tickle their fancy enough despite many of them being far worse than their not-so-distant awful cousin, the 80s sequel. Lucas referred to mega-corp Disney as "the white slave traders" but it didn't stop him from selling out to them either. We might as well associate the good times with Mickey Mouse - and by the way, Mickey eat your heart out! Literally, please. Not only will you never go public domain, we can look forward to seeing you on the starship Enterprise too. You'll be commanding, under Minny of course, because the mega-corp will try to be politically correct to keep sales going. But don't fret. In that age, even Hanna-Barbera will sell out too. Which is why Scooby's appearance will seem both entertaining and appropriate. Ugh.

Chu in Chew - Food Psychic
John Layman and Rob Guillory Create Hells' Kitchen Meets the X-Files

Meet Tony Chu. A comic book superhero. Food psychi Tony is what we call a cibopath, a man who gets premonitions from food. The life we take for granted is a life that Tony would love to have. Pick up a hamburger? We bite into it, but Tony gets a vision. Eat a celery stick. Same thing. We eat, he prophesies. Eating food is supposed to be normal and good. But not for Tony. He sees the cow that once lived, the butcher that killed him and the peeps that packed it up. You get the idea. Cibopath. That's Tony Chu. They guy who gets visions from touching food.