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Your Prehistoric Brain on Stories

When I learned about D.A.R.P.A.'s study: Brain on Story, I realized that the implications for self-growth and discovery could be huge. Even ground-breaking for some. Think about it: You're whole life is told to yourself as a story. If that's true, then the study indicates that you have deliberately left out pertinent details of events in order to have the story make sense to you. That's the crux of storytelling. You retell what happened to you in real life but you leave out details so that don't fit your storyline. That's called the Make-Sense Protocol. Now think about it in terms of growing as a person. If you want to change your perception in life then you need to change the story you've told yourself. In order to do that, you need to revisit the information you threw out. Life, also, gives you new information which in turn will change your narrative. What you have to make sure is that you change in a positive and healthy way. That means you're getting your needs met and bringing more of yourself in the world in a way at peace with your surroundings. Growing as a person means changing the narrative and changing the narrative means letting new information in so that you can be more of who you are in the world. Now tell me, is exploring storytelling an important item on your list? It should! Also, get reading or viewing, it could change your life for the better!

What Makes a Good Story Great

Stories play big part in our lives. They inundate our culture in more ways than we can count. The most obvious would be TV and movies. Both are big business and most of us would agree that we couldn't live without the two. If not TV and movies, then comic books, music, novels and fairy tales. Stories have been around for a long time. They're part of being human. But for something that has been around for ages, you think we would understand how stories work. What makes a good story great? It's not that hard to figure out when you think about it.

How Pamela Ewing Got me Hooked On Stories
Or How I Learned to Hate Season-Long Dream Sequences

The summer of 1986 was plentiful, in its own way, with news that would change the world and events that we would never forget. But I'll always remember the moment, at home in our tiny living room, with the RCA colour TV set tucked away in the corner, away from direct sunlight, so that we could all make out the amazing plethora of images that would sprawl against the smoothly arced television screen. That was a moment when TV history happened - bad TV history. There I was, a young kid, with big brown eyes, lying in his favourite position on the floor, stomach down with elbows to the floor and palms pressed against his cheeks, as Pamela Ewing (Victoria Principal) wakes up from her dream. Shazbat!!! I raised from the floor like an animal ready to take a flight. It was a moment of shock. I mean, Dallas was a cool show.

Sure, J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman) was a douchebag like no other, but seriously, the guy knew how to get out of trouble. His brother Bobby (Patrick Duffy), had a heart of gold, but now dead, left Dallas in a kind of screwed up position in prime time TV land. Something had to be done to bring him back. Something harsh. Yes, that's the scene when Pamela wakes up, with shorter hair and dreamy eyes, who nonchalantly walks over to washroom only to find her nude hubby taking a shower like it was Season 7.